Speech Development And Speech Sound Disorder

Speech Development And Speech Sound Disorder, Speech Sense Speech Pathology

Speech sound development:

Speech sound errors are a typical part of development in young children as they learn to talk and use different sounds in words. Many children grow out of speech errors on their own as they learn and develop words and sounds, however, some children find this more difficult and do not meet their typical speech development milestones. These children may need therapy to support them to speak clearly and confidently.

What is Speech Sound Disorder?

Speech Sound Disorder (SSD) is an umbrella term for any difficult or combination of difficulty with the following:

  • Sound production
  • Sound perception
  • Motor production (neurological control and muscle movements and coordination to make speech sounds)
  • Phonological (sound) pattern representation for sounds and segments

What could this sound like:

A 4-year-old child who cannot say sounds at the ends of word and shortens the length of any long (multi-syllabic) words might try to say:
“I want to watch the television and eat a banana”

But what you might hear is:
“I wa to wa uh te-uh-i- an ea- nana.”

Why and when does this become a concern?

It can be frustrating for children who aren’t able to be clearly understood despite having lots of stories to tell and things to say.

If you feel that your child is struggling with speech development, notice your child is becoming frustrated when speaking or they are having to repeat things often, it may be time to get a speech assessment.

At Speech Sense Speech Pathology, we want to help all our clients to access their best communication skills including being able to say the right speech sounds. Being able to communicate clearly and with confidence helps children to build all the necessary skills to succeed in school, social setting and with their family.

How can we help?

At Speech Sense Speech Pathology, we work closely with children and their families to treat Speech Sound Disorders (SSD).

If you are having concerns about your child’s speech development, contact our Client Care Team who will happily discuss all the options available to you.

Once your child has completed speech sound assessment, your speech pathologist will be able to plan and implement a treatment program to target sounds that your child is not able to say.

Need to know more?

Please get in touch to see how we can help, or to make an appointment at our Gold Coast speech therapy clinic.


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