Gold Coast Speech Therapy

At Speech Sense Speech Pathology we want you to be able to use your unique voice to its fullest potential.

Welcome to Speech Sense
Speech Pathology

Welcome to Speech Sense Speech Pathology

We offer comprehensive speech pathology assessment and therapy services for adults and children with speech, oral and pragmatic language, literacy, voice, fluency, and swallowing disorders. We have extensive experience with feeding and mealtime difficulties and complex communication needs.

Comprehensive Speech Pathology Services for Children and Adults

All referrals welcome.

We provide optimal assessment and therapy for private clients, and those with packages through the National Disability Insurance Scheme, GP Management Plans, Work Cover, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Tailored clinic appointments available, and home and school visits subject to availability.

Our services include:

Gold Coast Speech Therapy, Speech Sense
Gold Coast Speech Therapy, Speech Sense

Meet the Team

The Speech Sense Speech Pathology clinical team have a recognised undergraduate or masters level qualification from an accredited University. We are committed to continuing our professional development guided by Speech Pathology Australia. Our team strictly adheres to the Speech Pathology Australia Code of Ethics. We aim for professional and personable connection with our clients to provide the highest levels of professional practice.